Voices Near and Far – and Some Found Rattling In My Head


Herein you shall find some of my short stories, flash fiction and poems. Arranging words and their attendant punctuation makes me happy and serves as a sort of therapy. I find that parsing sentences and building paragraphs is fun. Seriously, it is fun!  Really. Stop laughing!

Also, you will find musings and commentary on all manner of issues, especially those dealing with societal ills and religiosity. There will be links to things both informative and just plain crazy. You might find an entry centered on the whimsy found in a single word or photograph. You will also find me calling out folks for douche baggery as well as highlighting deeds of the noblest order.

Being a member of a frequently maligned minority, it is imperative that I speak to any strife that poses both immediate and future harm to so many of our citizens. My heart compels me to care, my conscience demands that I act.

But back to the general purpose of this blog…

There is hope on my part that other writers of whatever genre will allow me to post their work, with proper credit given. Working in a vacuum is what so many writers (or artists of any kind, actually) do, and it really is stifling. Kind critique is a nourishment of the soul for any artist. If through this site another writer can gain confidence and/or stature, then I will be thrilled!

I love poetry in particular as I find it to be a lyrical form of writing, one that crosses many barriers as it disarms the most recalcitrant among us, reaching just below the skin to find a place of mutual understanding or, at the very least, to open dialogue where crippling silence once ruled. Remember, verse is meant to be read aloud so the ears can work to lead the other senses to a better grasp of the author’s vision. Think of poetry as a close cousin of musical lyrics. Sorta kissing cousins, if you will. But not like the ones in Arkansas and Mississippi. No, not like those cousins. Never.

No matter what I write, I have no doubt that the blog will grow into whatever it needs to be, following a natural evolution as it blossoms. Writing is truly my release. I cannot imagine not writing any more than I could imagine life without reading.

Feel free to share your thoughts or even your own writing as interaction and openness are key to this blog  –  just know I reserve the right to delete for any old reason  –  or no reason at all. I am, after all, the High Holy Gatekeeper and sometimes Querulous Queen of this site.  So there.

Linking to this site is cool and highly encouraged – especially if it’ll result in my own personal fame and/or pissing off some right-wing bible thumper.

Notice: names mentioned in this blog may have been changed to assure anonymity and insulate me from legal woes.

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