Monthly Archives: June 2018

Permit Patty

Have you heard of Permit Patty? Google her. And while you’re at it, Google BBQ Becky.

You will find yourself confronted with two women who have become instantly infamous¬† –¬† for their overt racism. I’ll let you watch the video clips you’ll find on-line. They explain these women and their ugliness all too well.

My overriding amazement is this: these women must have such deeply rooted racism that they knowingly call police on law-abiding people when they must know that someone will be pulling out their phone and videoing their actions. I mean, it is 2018. So how utterly wretched must their vile attitude toward people of color be that they’d let common sense and self-protection fall to their hatred? I mean, it is amazing, isn’t it?

Our nation needs to heal. And quickly.