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Foul, Offensive Language vs Curse Words

So if I say the word ‘fuck’ or ‘shit’, some people will be offended. Someone might say “I’d prefer you not use such words’. I get it, that person’s sensibilities have been bruised by what is commonly deemed a curse word. What I don’t get is this: using one curse word is to some a great offense, but having a president who denigrates war heroes, abases the parents/spouse of a fallen soldier, panders to white nationalists, gives crude nicknames to others while on the national stage¬† –¬† this is a-okay, no problem. Well, I call bullshit on this. One four-letter word upsets some people no matter the circumstances. Seriously though, isn’t it more vulgar and obscene to do as our president has done in the above cited instances? I mean, those utterances by Trump are what I find fucking offensive. That is the most foul kind of language there is, and yet some prim and proper folks go into fainting spells when they hear ‘fuck’. These same people too often give our president a pass when he goes off on a private citizen, denigrating them in front of the entire fucking world. That’s just messed up.

Brett Kavanaugh Will Drive American Law Hard to the Right

Source: Brett Kavanaugh Will Drive American Law Hard to the Right

In the photo accompanying this spot-on article, Kavanaugh looks like a raging closet case, or even one dab of Vitalis away from being a televangelist. Not that those two things are in any way mutually exclusive.

Under the Bus

I am fairly certain that Trumpers in general never speak out against anything this administration is doing. If you look at the majority of the GOP congress, they haven’t the collective balls to speak out against the Orange Blob.

Trumpers are mostly acting and speaking as one cohesive, unvarying group. For instance, if one of them feels that gay rights are a positive aspect of society, that such rights speak to fairness, they would never contradict another Trumper who rails against the LGBTQ community. The original Trumper is so fucking thrilled that Trump is bashing people of color, abortion rights, etc, that they throw their thoughts on gay rights (and the LGBTQ community) under the bus. They do this even if they have a family member or close friend who is gay.

Such is their vehement bigotry against one group that they’d sacrifice other groups to see harm done to the group they so loathe. This leads those Trumpers in our own lives, even if they feel differently, to keep mum when another Trumnper disparages people that they in fact feel kindness towards.

I cannot fathom being a person that would sacrifice another just to satisfy my blood lust toward some group of people. Trumpers allow hate to trump (pun not intended) any love they foster for someone. And no, it certainly isn’t confined to the LGBTQ community. This same analogy applies to other groups loathed by the GOP, whether they be people of color, the poor, Muslims, etc.

I’ve seen so much hatred built on stereotypes and misinformation that it makes me wonder if our society is doomed from a total lack of empathy. Surely the average Trumper sees that their hatred is being applied to people that exist in their personal lives, people that they purport to care about. Are they so devoid of empathy that they just don’t care who gets run over in today’s sterilization of our society?

Such silence in the face of bigotry seems to be the price so many are willing to pay so long as their own biases are enshrined into law and the nation’s conscience.