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This Day to Honor: a poem

This Day to Honor                             


by Joel Howard




with taut days of

Flesh and Exuberance

shall pass but once

and then the senses

but dream in wavy-hazy



a psychic once


a shorting of days

to which I answered by way

of living each hour

as if I alone owned

such a thing









poem: On the Precipice

On the Precipice                   by Joel Howard


Living where

worry wrestles with pain and

chaos rules the hours,

I mightily stretch myself tall, yet

my soul never quite touches earth

now nor never did,

with no belief in tales of wine and water

or bushes afire, I’ve no harbor

anywhere here


Better a children’s book of talking

trees and smiling meadows

flush with bunnies in flight for me,

parables never to stifle a dream

but to launch them far into orbits

beyond our given realms


Leave the tamping menace of guilt

of any kind or measure

in a corner dark and impenetrable,

let wishes periscope to the sky

and find counsel there among

countless stars and moons


All might then rejoice in the breadth

of fantastical creations

and bathe ooh and aah

in knowledge of a

river flush with yet dreamt joys.