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It’s What They Do

The party of zero empathy (yes, I mean those people, the GOP) cares nothing about the welfare of people beyond the end of their own nose. Except, of course, when they can wield their pious acrimony toward the LGBTQ community. It is at this community that they suddenly defy logic and data by screaming that LGBTQ folks must be kept as Less Than Us. Rights afforded others must be denied because, well, if not then someone out there will suffer harm by some homo somewhere. It’s all very nebulous, but we’re to believe that to grant any parity of law to LGBT Americans will result in harm to someone out there. Blah blah blah bullshit.

I cannot help but wonder how much is wasted in this ongoing struggle for equality. Wasted in terms of emotions, energy, and, yes, money. All three of these expenditures could be spent elsewhere. As regards just money, the list is long: food for the poor, health care for all, salaries commensurate with a teacher’s worth, etc. Yet here we are on any given day, with the same struggle before us. Those that perpetuate the hate most often use religion as the weapon to demonize gays and at the same time instill fear among their flock.

These people that are goaded into voting anti-LGBTQ often know someone personally that is gay. When asked, they sometimes reply that they don’t mean it to be personal. But what the hell is voting against a whole community to the people who make up that community? It is personal. The truth is, these voters that would deny rights simply do not care so long as they have their rights. It’s that whole empathy thing again, with cruelty and selfishness thrown into the mix  –  for good measure, I suppose.

The cycle of waste and ruin continues unabated. For every Tony Perkins and Franklin Graham, there is in the wings hoards of like-minded ‘Christians’ ready to take their place of the need should arise. It’s what they know. It’s what they do.

WWJD? Not This, One Hopes

I guess the days of the Christian Right asking themselves WWJD are gone. Now it’s more STIN¬† –¬† Screw Those In Need. Source: Attorney General Barr Issues Rule To Keep Some Asylum Seekers From Posting Bail | HuffPost

Oh, Sweet Porn Divides a Family

I especially love the father’s quote comparing porn to crack cocaine. He probably kept a few of his son’s best mags, being sure they were hidden away from his wife. Source: Michigan man sues parents for $86,000 for tossing his porn collection – ABC News