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An Isolating Event (a poetic endeavor)

An Isolating Event

            by Joel Howard


sinking blue

skies to mud and Anarchy, a


of downcast souls, where  

lame wishes so pure bay bereft

at doors front back right left;


yet down further fall

the heavens already deep-sunken,

to briny-deep darkness,

            where dreams   

ever rest at nature’s  

insistent pall.


Today heed anew the taunting and

bottomless echo, a promise to re-

emerge, to again bloom ‘neath

parting clouds, leaving

old orders  – so very

rough-spirited and trying  –  to decay,

knowing the sun rises (at nature’s behest)

somewhere beyond

this paralyzing wave’s crest.


HunkerShelter – A Poem


            by Joel Howard


do you prefer

shelter to



hunker to



or perhaps



is more your cup o’ tea?


Ah well, enjoy, my friend.

WWJD? Not This, One Hopes

I guess the days of the Christian Right asking themselves WWJD are gone. Now it’s more STIN  –  Screw Those In Need. Source: Attorney General Barr Issues Rule To Keep Some Asylum Seekers From Posting Bail | HuffPost