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Scarce Is Our Solace

Scarce Is Our Solace


The well last hour stood with ample Solace,

awaiting as ever the coming Crisis  – whether

Pain or

Confusion or

Dread or such  –  a

Calamity sure to

Cry out for Succor, for the Solace one ladles

deep to Soothe the soul’s Fiery Flare;


yet of late a dearth of Care renders

the landscape Dark, and a drought of

Compassion places man on

courses parallel, unable – unwilling – to

meet for even the briefest Touch of



The well now echoes dry and hollow, and any

promised Kindness is soon poised hollow, adrift in a ring of

Acrid smoke,

drifting Fetid in fast-whirling mockery

of those who dared again seek

even the slightest Consolation, across   

earth and to the heavens,

east to west



Information Breakaway

Information Breakaway

xxxxxxxxxxby Joel Howard


Of late purpose

I don’t know how

to know,

So in the dark I dwell;


I don’t know how

to know,

And in brief bliss I breathe.


I don’t know how

to know,

So please leave me be,

ask no questions nor

solicit thoughts of me,



for you to know

I don’t know how

to know

holds sweet promise

of a rare and blinding bliss


Bugaboo 20 – a Poetic Endeavor

Bugaboo 20

xxxxxxxby Joel Howard


Always at home,

One bored just sits,

The walls hard-white press in

As to burst one’s wits;


Oh, go out (if you must), but

With gloves and mask,

Masquerade as a doctor

At the grocery and for gas


Drive-thru food

Into the speaker SHOUT,

For sad few to hear –

“Dammit, I’m dining out!”


Back home again,

the walls hard white await,

stand still, as with Lysol

head-to-toe you must now fumigate