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Information Breakaway

Information Breakaway

xxxxxxxxxxby Joel Howard


Of late purpose

I don’t know how

to know,

So in the dark I dwell;


I don’t know how

to know,

And in brief bliss I breathe.


I don’t know how

to know,

So please leave me be,

ask no questions nor

solicit thoughts of me,



for you to know

I don’t know how

to know

holds sweet promise

of a rare and blinding bliss


Bugaboo 20 – a Poetic Endeavor

Bugaboo 20

xxxxxxxby Joel Howard


Always at home,

One bored just sits,

The walls hard-white press in

As to burst one’s wits;


Oh, go out (if you must), but

With gloves and mask,

Masquerade as a doctor

At the grocery and for gas


Drive-thru food

Into the speaker SHOUT,

For sad few to hear –

“Dammit, I’m dining out!”


Back home again,

the walls hard white await,

stand still, as with Lysol

head-to-toe you must now fumigate


And So It’s Life – a Poetic Endeavor

And So It’s Life

by Joel Howard


I shall visit life along it’s rocky rim

xxxxxxxxxxmy soul hugging the broken shoulder

of the long-lain road;


and as the horizon rises and dips

xxxxxxxxxxso shall I be buoyed and saddened,

for to live is to allow both sun and rain

equal quarters.