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Far-right US pastor becomes first person banned from Ireland under exclusion powers | TheHill

What this dangerously delusional “pastor” says about Jews and LGBTQ folks is beyond the pale. That Ireland had the good sense to bar his entry into their country is one blow against the normalization of this lunatic’s beliefs. Anderson is a dangerous and mentally unbalanced man, and his having a stage to spout his nonsense is akin to a patron yelling FIRE in a crowded theater. And remember, Anderson’s “church” pays NO taxes, rather we the taxpayers subsidize his bullshit.

Source: Far-right US pastor becomes first person banned from Ireland under exclusion powers | TheHill

WWJD? Not This, One Hopes

I guess the days of the Christian Right asking themselves WWJD are gone. Now it’s more STIN  –  Screw Those In Need. Source: Attorney General Barr Issues Rule To Keep Some Asylum Seekers From Posting Bail | HuffPost

Foul, Offensive Language vs Curse Words

So if I say the word ‘fuck’ or ‘shit’, some people will be offended. Someone might say “I’d prefer you not use such words’. I get it, that person’s sensibilities have been bruised by what is commonly deemed a curse word. What I don’t get is this: using one curse word is to some a great offense, but having a president who denigrates war heroes, abases the parents/spouse of a fallen soldier, panders to white nationalists, gives crude nicknames to others while on the national stage  –  this is a-okay, no problem. Well, I call bullshit on this. One four-letter word upsets some people no matter the circumstances. Seriously though, isn’t it more vulgar and obscene to do as our president has done in the above cited instances? I mean, those utterances by Trump are what I find fucking offensive. That is the most foul kind of language there is, and yet some prim and proper folks go into fainting spells when they hear ‘fuck’. These same people too often give our president a pass when he goes off on a private citizen, denigrating them in front of the entire fucking world. That’s just messed up.