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Transgender Woman Attacked

This is the kind of crap that results from Trump, Pence, et al, denigrating transgender citizens. Their general hostility toward the entire LGBTQ community is unacceptable. They own this shit. Source: Dallas police investigating vicious ‘mob’ attack of transgender woman caught on video – ABC News

Puerto Rico: A Poem

The poem below is not mine. It was written by Juan Saez Burgos, a Puerto Rican by birth, a poet in spirit. I found it very prescient in light of dear president’s recent comments about PR being an island, coupled with the horrible response to the crisis there. We Americans have a history that is sometimes far from honorable.

        Historic Tale in One Language Without a Moral                        

                        Part I

Once upon a time
and twice are three
and still is
    a small piece of the earth
in the middle of the sea:
    that piece was filled with Indians
naked like bronze under the sun.
Winds passed and waves passed 
and in boats some whites arrived, and the Indians of
under the sun
     fought and fought and died, and the whites with beards
under the sun
     killed and killed and conquered.
Long live the Cross and long live the King
     full of blood because that is the law!
From a larger, more people land, the whites brought
     some blacks
naked, mahogany under the sun. They chained them,
     they branded them,
they made them drink their sweat.
For the King and for the Cross filled with hate they pray
     to Jesus.

                        Part II

Once upon a time
and twice are three
and still is,
     that same piece of earth
in the middle of the sea;
     that piece is filled with people
dressed and mixed under the sun.
     Struggles passed and wars passed
and some blonds arrived in warships, and creoles dressed 
under the sun
     fought and fought; they surrendered, and the pink
under the sun killed and killed, they laughed.
Long live Wall Street and Santa Claus "and obey bastards
     this is the law"
From their larger, more people land the blonds brought
     some bases
full full full with bombs under the sun; they put there
     soldiers and cannons
and they did all this for "sport".
For Santa Claus and for Wall Street "dirty spiks" march
     off to war.

Foul, Offensive Language vs Curse Words

So if I say the word ‘fuck’ or ‘shit’, some people will be offended. Someone might say “I’d prefer you not use such words’. I get it, that person’s sensibilities have been bruised by what is commonly deemed a curse word. What I don’t get is this: using one curse word is to some a great offense, but having a president who denigrates war heroes, abases the parents/spouse of a fallen soldier, panders to white nationalists, gives crude nicknames to others while on the national stage¬† –¬† this is a-okay, no problem. Well, I call bullshit on this. One four-letter word upsets some people no matter the circumstances. Seriously though, isn’t it more vulgar and obscene to do as our president has done in the above cited instances? I mean, those utterances by Trump are what I find fucking offensive. That is the most foul kind of language there is, and yet some prim and proper folks go into fainting spells when they hear ‘fuck’. These same people too often give our president a pass when he goes off on a private citizen, denigrating them in front of the entire fucking world. That’s just messed up.